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BBA Shave Cream

Dhs. 131.25

Get a soft, gliding shave with this carefully composed BBA Shave Cream. Perfect for any difficult beard as it moisturises and protects the face during and after the shave - the harsh UAE sun won’t compete.

  • 150ml
  • Plastic container with screw-top lid

Using a shaving brush, generously apply to the beard for effective coverage. Then with a razor, gently begin shaving. Use a wet cloth to pat dry for a smooth and locked-in finish. 

Blackcurrant Seed Oil: Anti-inflammatory benefits; Anti-ageing properties; Repairs skin damage.

Defencil: Rich emollients to protect the face and hydrate.

Dragon's Blood ( Sangre de Drago ) : Strong and powerful anti-oxidant; Regenerates the skin by promoting collagen formation; More efficient than Vitamin E and different forms of Vitamin C.

BBA Shave Cream

Dhs. 131.25